• Electric borehole pumps
• Solar borehole pumping solutions
• Generators
• Surface pumps
• Water treatment

One of our main capability areas has been drilling, test pumping, equipping and rehabilitation services since setting up.
Currently the company has one rig and three test pumping units with .three technicians per unit.
As Marines Well Services Ltd, we offer consultancy and advice to ensure the correct equipment is installed in a borehole. Each borehole is specific in its requirements and we have a wide range of borehole pumps to cover a wide spectrum of requirements. Our engineers, using the drillers report, provide advice on the pump suitable for each borehole. Our Installation Crew Teams are equipped with mobile gantries for installing borehole pumps. The Borehole Service department also has field service technical teams dedicated to field trouble shooting, repairs and maintenance throughout the country. We also offer Borehole Test pumping Services for new and old boreholes whose yield requires to be ascertained.